We Love It

I have lived in Los Angeles for over a year now.

I meant to write this post around July 22nd, which was when my actual one-year anniversary of living in Los Angeles was. Kelly and I left for LA on July 7th, a year and a day before our wedding (although it was supposed to be a year exactly). When we finally arrived after the two weeks driving across the country, my first thoughts were "well, LA is just like every other part of the country."

I think I'm right about that.

Los Angeles is simultaneously the most generic and esoteric place I've ever been. It's so large and the neighborhoods change so frequently that you have a small world encapsulated in this city. My best way to explain this is this: most large cities have a Chinatown, which encapsulates a pan-asian marketplace. LA has Chinatown, Koreatown, Thai Town, Little Tokyo, Little Armenia, and those are just the places that I can get to super easily. There's the richest of the rich that live here, and the poorest of the poor. In the area around my home, I have seen both celebrities and a homeless dude with his pants around his ankles (I later saw that same homeless dude having a very pleasant conversation with a latino family; the disconnect in my head was jarring). 

This is why Los Angeles thinks it's the center of the universe. Everything is here.

I bet New York feels the same way about itself, but to me, New York feels like... well, like New York. New York has a personality of it's own, and pride. New York and I don't always get along; I've had almost exclusively annoying or troublesome encounters there. New York just doesn't give a shit about anything but New York. Los Angeles is interested in everything outside of Los Angeles. The people in LA making cool things have a "grab from everything" style. The people making shitty things are trying to appeal to the widest common denominator in America.

New York. I bet you've heard of it.

But despite all it's middle-ground, I really love LA. There's nothing to fall back on; I'm out here doing the thing I love because if I don't I'll be bored to shit. The first little bit of time I was in LA, I was so bored because I was a little frightened to go out and do stuff. It takes me a little while to get used to a place when I make a change like that. But after a little while I just HAD to DO SOMETHING. LA is great for motivating people, because everyday I don't have something to do I'm just like "FUCK I AM BORED". But I've started this horror script (which is what I've been working on these days when I've been sick and not wanting to write a blog post), and I'm really excited about it.

LA makes me want to do exciting things. And it tries it's best to provide, but man... sometimes it fails so hard when it tries that I do exciting things myself.

I love LA.