E3 Day 1: Sony

Started this last night, somehow just passed out. It's a little shorter than the last one because I'm a little more distant from it. Here it is now!


Rating: Alright. I getcha.

Lots of solid reveals, interesting games, and well put together presentations, but nothing that blew me out of the water. Right now, this is Nintendo's conference to lose, and with plenty to discuss on the WiiU, they might have it of the three. But let's focus on Sony for now.

Games: Lots of great looking games, opening with Beyond and closing with the Last of Us. There wasn't anything that wasn't good, just things I cared about more. Everything about the games is a good portend of what's to come from Sony. 

Hardware: Wonderbook... is not designed for me. It's for kids, it's a kid thing. When I have kids, I would want a wonderbook. So I'll let that go. Compared to the Xbox tablet thing, I think it's better, because it's at least something new and interesting as opposed to a copy paste from the rest of culture. I like innovation.

And the rest: PS+ FREE GAMES! I'm getting free games! That's something I very much like! This is a great thing that actually affects me! 


Sony did very well, but it wasn't the strongest showing they've ever had. I'd say Nintendo has a good place to be in at this point. They can show WiiU stuff and have a good showing.